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Kevin W. Decker, CCS, CSI, AIA

Kevin W. Decker comes to Heartland Architectural Products with over 37 years of experience in the Construction industry as an Architect and Construction Specifier. Kevin received his Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Oklahoma in 1989, and passed the Architectural Registration Exam in 1992.  Kevin has been married to his wife Andrea for 34 years and they have 5 children. 

Hannah, the oldest, is teaching Latin at a school in St. Louis.  Gretchen, the second-oldest, lives and works in retail in Oklahoma City and will be getting married soon.  Dustin, the third child and only boy, after his nine-month deployment in Afghanistan with the Army National Guard married Samantha, they live in Edmond, OK and Dustin works for Pratt & Whitney at Tinker Air Force Base as a Mechanical Engineer. Dustin and Samantha have one child and Eli is just over a year and a half old and are expecting their second son in January of 2019. Lorelei, the baby of the family, is working full time using her communications degree.  She took a "year off" before college to heroically beat Hodgkin's Lymphoma (you can read all about her journey here).  Lorelei has officially been in remission since September 2013. Lorelei got married in the summer of 2014 to Brad. They live in Oklahoma City.

Kevin and Andrea also have one other daughter who came to them as an exchange student from Japan and has become a permanent part of the family. Mimi Taguchi married Anthony Conner (who serves in the US Navy) and they now live in Hawaii with their daughter Victoria, son Kailen and Vianna. Kevin and Andrea are always ready to go see their grandchildren in Hawaii! Kevin's hobbies include hunting and recently took up the duties of farming.

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