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New Applications for Firestone TPO XR Membranes using Foam Adhesives

Firestone is pleased to present the following new application guidelines and technical information for the application of UltraPly TPO XR membrane in polyurethane foam adhesives over approved substrates. In addition to using the existing UltraPly TPO XR application options, the UltraPly TPO XR membrane can now be applied to a variety of substrates with a polyurethane foam bead or full coverage application using one of the two following product options:

  • Adhered with I.S.O.Spray S Adhesive – Full coverage or bead application
  • Adhered with XR Stick Adhesive – Bead application
Each option can be chosen to suit a roofing contractor’s and building owner’s needs, time constraints and budgets.

Features and Benefits of UltraPly TPO XR membrane in Firestone foam adhesive:

  • Singleside coverage of adhesive results in a faster installation
  • The added thickness from the fleece backed UltraPly TPO XR membrane provides added protection to the roofing waterproofing layer against punctures from roof traffic
  • The use of low VOC, urethane-based foam adhesives (such as XR Stick and I.S.O.Spray S) contributes to the reduction of a roofing project’s environmental impact
  • The urethane-based low VOC foam adhesive may comply with local air quality district regulations. Check with your local air district for VOC requirements
  • Applying the urethane based foam adhesives in a bead application with the use of pump grade application tools can greatly speed up the installation time, saving labor costs
  • UltraPly TPO XR Roofing Systems are accepted and approved for use by code approval bodies for wind uplift and fire resistance, including FM Approvals and Underwriters Laboratories
  • No primers are required over approved substrate prior to application of the XR Stick and I.S.O.Spray S
  • UltraPly TPO XR membrane roofing systems with XR Stick or I.S.O.Spray S are eligible for coverage as part of a Firestone Red Shield Warranty for up to 20 years

Follow this link for more information regarding Firestone's XR Stick™ Adhesive & I.S.O.Spray™ S Adhesive, including approved uses, perimeter/corner enhancement data, warranty options, approved substrates, installation details, code approvals, and other data.

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